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SCHURTER wins Gigawatt Golden Award at SNEC 2011

There were a total of 1,838 exhibitors, over 180,000 visitors from over 60 countries taking up 150, 000 sq. meters of space. SCHURTER was awarded the prestigious Gigawatt Golden Award by the SNEC organization committee. We stood out amongst the 1,838 exhibitors to win this award for our FMER SOL DC filter, based on innovation, product advancement (leading technology/product), social influence and professionalism. SCHURTER’s FMER SOL DC filter was also featured in the Show Daily, the official newspaper distributed at SNEC.

This exhibition was a success based on the exposure we received to an international audience. We would like to thank our loyal clients and distributors for supporting us at the show and look forward to forging new and lasting relationships with partners who are looking for high quality electrical components.

prod //cdn.schurter.com SCHURTER-attends-SNEC-2011-80104-165402